How Buckling Up a Seat Belt Can Save Your Life While Driving

Seat Belt takes a few seconds to buckle up. So why do many of us avoid it and don’t understand the importance of wearing a seat belt while driving. When you are on the road; anyone can come from anywhere and accident can occur in the blink of an eye. The only purpose of seat belt is to save our lives!

Seatbelts, have they actually saved lives?

When you are on the road accidents can occur at any time and you may have witness many. The severity of accidents depends on various factors from the speed of the car to reckless driving of fellow driver. The impact is minimized when you are buckled up, restraining the strongest part of the body during collision. Studies have shown that by wearing a seatbelt it reduces the extent of injuries.

Purpose of Wearing Seatbelt

The main purpose of seatbelt is to not getting thrown out of the car during high impact car crash. Body with free range motion is more likely to get in to serious injuries resulting in catastrophic injuries or loss of life. The risk is lessened significantly by fastening your seatbelt by 50%.

Aren’t Airbag Alone Enough?

Airbags alone is not safe and can force to kill you, but when paired with seatbelt it absorbs your momentum and force. You will still face the risk of being injured when buckled up and with the airbags as well. The effect of injury has been proven to be effective and reliable and is the best safety measures one can take to reduce the risk of injuries.

Does Seatbelt Guarantees Survival?

Nothing can be guaranteed when you are a part of a road accident, but the chances of survival are increased when wearing seatbelt. Defective seatbelt can be a reason for injury as well. So keep an eye out on your seatbelts if you notice issue with latch, failure to lock. Always make sure your seatbelt is tightened and working properly.

By not wearing seatbelt you are not only rising your life but your fellow drivers as well. Car crash won’t inform you before coming so make a habit of wearing it religiously. Buckling up should be the first thing when you get in to your car. All it takes is a few seconds to wearing a seatbelt which can save your life. So why not try wearing one? Drive safely and take your seatbelt seriously.

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