Iconic Vespa Coming Back In Pakistan

The classic Vespa scooter is coming back! The Vespa Primavera was unveiled at Pakistan Auto Show 2018 in Lahore by Ravi Group director and Italian Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo. Vespa is popular amongst Italians and Pontecorvo has been working very hard to relaunch it for the people of Pakistan. He wants everyone to buy Vespa, as it was one of the popular modes of transport back in the days. 

Vespa, once again wants to be the go-to choice for anyone in scooter. Vespa is well known around the world and it has made its mark. Vespa lovers have been waiting for this news for so long. Together Ravi and Pontecorvo wants to launch other models as well.

The Vespa Primavera scooter will be available in two variation of 125cc and 150cc Euro-4 engine. The exterior of Vespa is somewhat similar to predecessor model that came around 70 years ago. Though, the interior has gotten a complete makeover. It has electric self-start, electronic fuel injection, automatic gearbox, hydraulic shock absorber and adjustable coil spring. The fuel tank has the capacity of 8 liters of fuel with 45 km per liter average fuel. The engines are powered by 3-valve engine. The Vespa is available globally in four colors:

  • Black – Nero Volcano
  • White – Bianco Volcano
  • Red – Rosso Volcano
  • Blue – Azzurro Volcano
  • Coral Red – Rossa Corallo

We hope they release the same color in Pakistan market as well. The new Vespa Primavera scooter will be a game changer and it is for everyday use with the ease of transport that is comfortable too.

The price for the Vespa Primavera scooter is set to be approximately PKR 333,000 for the 150cc version. This is on the pricey side, so we will see how Pakistani market responds towards it. We are very excited to see Vespa on the roads of Pakistan.

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