Want to sell your old car? Here are a few tips that can help you sell your car whether it is wrecked or no longer running in order, you can still sell it. With the help of Internet you can use online buying and selling websites or use social media to sell your used car. Placing classified advertisement is the best way to reach the prospective buyer.

Make Your Car Looks Its Best

Spend some quality time with your car and clean it thoroughly inside and out. You can even ask your mechanic to give it a detailed wash. If your car looks good and clean chances are it will get you a little extra money for your car.


Realistic Price

Make sure you set a realistic price to sell your car. Otherwise it will just drag the process and don’t overprice your car from what the market value of car is. If you are selling it with accessories, than always explain the buyer why you are charging over the market value.


Where to Advertise

You can advertise your car online these days which is very easy to do on Face book and other websites. The good thing is you will have one on one contact with person interested in your car. It doesn’t matter where you advertise your car never give out your home address and always set a meet up away from your home, just to be on safe side.


Make sure you do all the paperwork you need for your car at the time you are showing the car to the buyer. Always be ready to be inspected by buyer and that you have cleared all your tax dues. Try to clear any registration, tax or insurance before selling it, this always attracts buyer more.

Meeting with Potential Buyers

We have already covered to not give your home address to potential buyer to be safe and sound. You can take your friend when meeting with a potential buyer to accompany you.

Test Drive

The potential driver will always want to drive the car so that they can get behind the wheel to check the feel of the car. Make sure they have driver license and never let them drive without you in the car.


Negotiate Your Price

Once test-drive is approved your potential buyer will make an offer. Negotiating the price is a somewhat uncomfortable process so you need to make sure the lowest price you would expect to sell your car for. It is not easy to bargain so be prepared for it and stick to the final price with which you won’t go past. Don’t get intimidated with what your potential buyer bargaining skill and tell them that this final price. They can take it or leave it. Don’t accept anything that is not worth your car.


Finalizing the Deal

After the price has been finalized draw up a document stating the price and conditions written on it. Get this signed by the buyer and keep a copy for yourself and one for the buyer. Once payment is cleared and paid in full, you can hand over the key to the new buyer. If payment is being made by cheque, than wait for it to clear it.

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