Toyota Corolla Facelift 2018


Automobile Industry is getting very competitive as the market is increasing very rapidly. Toyota Corolla is front engine, front wheel drive subcompact sedan and one of the most popular cars seen on the roads of Pakistan. The new Toyota Corolla GLi 2018 is the 11th generation Corolla. The new facelift updates of Toyota Corolla 2018 will remain quite similar to the previous one. There are few cosmetic changes in the latest model. All of the predecessor models are well loved in our market.

The Toyota Corolla 2018 is available in 8 variants:

  • Toyota Corolla Xli 2018
  • Toyota Corolla GLi 2018
  • Toyota Corolla GLi Automatic 2018
  • Toyota Corolla 1.6
  • Toyota Corolla Atlis 1.8
  • Toyota Corolla Atlis CVTi 1.8
  • Toyota Corolla Atlis Grande 1.8
  • Toyota Corolla Atlis Grande 1.8 CVTi

The new Toyota Corolla will be priced between PKR 17 lacs to PKR 24 lacs, which may change depending on any other update in the model.

First we will look at the exterior of the new Toyota Corolla 2018. The new model has taken the game up to the next level giving it a very modern and premium design. The main difference that you will notice is in the shape of the front headlights, which features halogen bulbs along with LED clearance lights and is very bulky. The front grille is partially chrome plated and assembles right above newly designed trapezium air intake. The rear end feature sharp side swept taillights and large bumper with a chrome trim running along the length of the trunk. This gives a very premium look though preserving the sporty theme of the Corolla.

The new Auto Reverse Link Mode System helps driver when in reverse gear as they can see they can see back camera along with side mirrors. The new Smart Key System will let you to open the door automatically when you put your hand on the handle with key fob with you. The 16 inch Yokohama tires are featured which will come in high-end variant like Toyota Grande 2018.

The interior of the Toyota Corolla 2018 has changed a lot when compared to the 2014 model. The inside is very spacious and premium look with all black and beige Flaxen interior with updated infotainment system. It features front and back camera, WIFI hotspot, and new seat belts along with child seat anchors. You will also find USB slots in the front and back of the car for charging and other usage as well.

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