Emission free electrical vehicles are paving path in Pakistan for all the good reasons, in collaboration with Chinese auto-manufacturers.

Shaukat Qureshi, the CEO of Rehmat Group reached Prime Minister Imran Khan via a letter. The agenda of the letter, as he describes, was to share benefits and plans to inaugurate EVs in Pakistan in interests of anti-pollution and common citizen’s economic welfare with electric vehicles on board in country.

Rahmat Group of Automobiles has marked up to 14 assents and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several Chinese organizations in recent months. This incorporates concurrences with following Chinese auto giants.

  • • Haohong Motors
  • • Jiangsu Fuan Technologies
  • • Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co Ltd
  • • Louyang Xinguang Lithium Science and Technology Co Ltd
  • • Electric Power Technology Co
  • • Jiangzi Technical Vehicles Manufacturing Co Ltd
  • • Zhehang Shangi Tianying Vehicle Industries
  • • Yangzhou Daojue New Energy Development Co Ltd
  • • Weifang Shandong Electric Power Technology Co Ltd
  • • Wuxi Shengbao Electric Vehicle Co Ltd
  • • Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co Ltd

Shaukat Qureshi has confirmed that 25 acres of land has been acquired to establish the Electrical Complex at Nooriabad where assembling and manufacturing of the EVs will be carried out. Initially, the manufacturers will tap the transport market with electric buses and later, will inaugurate electric cars and two-wheelers in the auto-sector of Pakistan. The officials included in their statement that;

“All arrangements have been firmed up with the partners concerning plants, machinery, and equipment. Immediate production would be under SKD followed by CKD as per the localization program of Auto Policy 2016-2021. However for introduction, immediate imports of the desired units would be conducted within 3-4 months.”

The Rahmat Group envisions Chinese organizations to operate for distinctive purposes. In essence, one organization shall deal with the electric auto generation while the other will be converging electric vans, trucks and so on for the market.

Ministry of Industries and Board of Investment are also receiving applications from the Rahmat Group, at the moment.

Developing countries are transitioning their industrial markets and trying to leave behind fossil-fuel-consuming cars and tracking different options. The electrical vehicle car concept is one of them while China stands firm as a torch bearer in this motive for Pakistan.

Economically, EVs will be saving

  • Rs. 4,000 each month for motorcyclists.
  • Rs. 25,000-30,000/month for car users.
  • and Rs. 300,000-500,000 every month for bus and coach’s operator.

Since EVs are emission free, air pollution and global warming will be in control which is another a great focus to have itself resolved in the country. Rahmat Group is not the only one to explore EV concept in Pakistan but JAC Motors has also announced to introduce them in Pakistan, soon. However prominent steps are being conducted by Rahmat Motors in conceptualizing the auto-sector revolution in Pakistan.

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