How to Clean Your Car Tyres?

Tires are categorized as the most essential part of vehicle.It can help in improving the vehicle’s appearance and performance. Clean tyres arenot just good in appearance, but it also lasts longer.  In order to clean tyres and maintain them ina proper manner, you can follow easy steps. Clean and properly maintained typescan run for long.

Following are the ways to keep tyres clean and to prolongtheir life:

Separate Equipment Should be Used

Use a separate bucket of detergent, brush, and cloth forcleaning tyres. Do not use the one that you did for cleaning the rest of thecar. Brush and cloth should be used to scrub the wheels. Using the same brushon tyres is harmful.

Use Specific Tyre Cleaning Product

After cleaning the tyres with detergent and water, next stepis to use a specific tyre cleaning product. They are easily accessible frommarket and are renowned for removing hard dirt and grease from wheels andtyres. Follow the instructions mentioned on the cleaning product for betterresults. This product either comes in the form of form or a spray. For usingthe foam form, all you need to do is to take a break after applying sufficientquantity on the tyre, letting the product to do its magic.


Next step in making your tyres clean is to scrub the dirtaway. Use both water and scrubbing to clean. Scrub one tyre well and rinse withwater and then move to the other one. Brush is used when washing the treads andgrooves of the tyres.  Do scrub the gapof the wheel.  The dirt is mostlyaccumulated in the brake pad; therefore scrubbing it away is necessary. Specialcare should be taken as this area is more prone to corrosion. Scrub and rinsethe tyres until it is totally clean.

Using ‘Wax’ As Cleaning Ingredient

Wax can also be the prime ingredient to clean the wheels ofa car. Make sure that the wheels are dry as wax does not work on wet wheels.Clean and shiny wheels are possible only when you apply wax to dry wheels. Toapply the wax/solution successfully, you need to follow the instructionswritten on the wax/solution.

Using wax on the tyres helps in protecting therubber and also makes them fresh and pleasant. It removes such elements fromthe tyre which is not only harmful but caustic too. Wax and its solution alsoact as a blocking agent against UV light. Hardening and Pre Mature aging oftyre is caused by UV light. Thus, wax act as a barrier against UV light and itsharmful effects.

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