How to protect and clean your car’s windscreen

Cars can be most loved possessions of anyone. It is yourpartner in all memorable rides with your family and friends. You definitelywant to protect it from all sorts of damages. Although, most car owners gettheir vehicle washed from time to time, but the wind screen gets messy veryquickly.

It is therefore important to learn how to economically keepyour wind screen clean and protected:

Use Auto Glass Cleaner

There are several auto glass cleaners of various brandsavailable in market. You can pick and choose the suitable one! Avoid choosingone with harsh chemicals like alcohol or ammonia. It is recommended to choosean eco friendly auto glass cleaner, which is harmless for your health. Preferan auto glass cleaner that does not leave any lines, residue or damage on thewindscreen surface.

Use Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towel

Avoid using paper towels or pieces of news paper to cleanyour windscreen. It is recommended to use a microfiber towel for auto glasscleaning. This method is immensely suitable to avoid scratching yourwindscreen. A glass cleaning microfiber towel is a better option as it willabsorb water properly, picks up dirt easily, and leave no remains. Ensure youhave enough quantity of clean microfiber towels; so that you can wipe thesurface clean with one towel and polish the surface to a residue-free shinewith another one.

Clean the Wind screen under the Shade

Be precautious and try to avoid sun, cleaning the windscreen under the shade. In case you spray the cleaner on auto wind shield in scorchinghot weather, or directly under the sunlight, this is surely be quiet messy.This is due to evaporation of sprayed liquid quickly before the microfibertowel even touches the glass, and leave spotty residue too on the glass.

Proper Care for Windscreen Wipers

Pampering your windscreen and avoiding wind screen wipers?This is definitely not going to happen. Make sure that you wipe down the wipersby using white vinegar and a damp cloth. Vinegar is an amazing ingredient tohelp detain all the stubborn trash from the blades. If your wipers still doesnot improve, you must opt for new wiper blades then. Moreover, your wiper cowlrequires cleaning once in a while! 

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