Hyundai will commence car manufacturing in Pakistan this year

The renowned automobile manufacturer Hyundai Nishat is going to start the vehicle production in Pakistan.

Hyundai will start car manufacturing in Pakistan by the end of 2019. However, the commercial production of cars will begin from Faisalabad. Hyundai will reenter in the Pakistani market under the banner of Hyundai Nishat Motor Private Limited (“HNMPL”). It will be a joint venture between M/S Sojitz Corporation and Nishat Group Companies. However, M/S Sojitz Corporation is one of the main investment and trading houses of Japan.

CEO and founder of Nishat Group, Mian Mansha, revealed the future prospects of the brand. According to sources, Hyundai Nishat will produce 7,000 vehicles in its first year. Later, in next 5 years, it will expand to 30,000 units. Earlier, different Hyundai cars were spotted at Emporium Mall, Lahore. However, the mall is owned by Nishat group.

Hyundai Santa Fe was also among the spotted cars. According to sources, Hyundai is also testing hybrid cars on the roads of Lahore. Tucson and Hyundai Ioniq were also seemed visible during the test rounds. However, Ioniq is visible in several countries around the world including India, Canada, America, and South Korea. It comes in 3 different options that are electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid.

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