Long awaited Honda City Facelift 2020 may be near to arrival

Honda City Facelift 2020 price in Pakistan would be revealed in few days as the new model is might be revealed by the manufacturer.

A few days back, Honda City revealed the teaser with the appealing tagline “leaving a lasting impression”. However, it is followed by the image of shark-fin antenna which ignites expectations that Honda City Facelift 2020 arrival is on its way.

According to sources, it is highly expected that Honda will bring the facelift version of its highly acknowledged Honda City in few months.

Analysts from automotive industry believe that Honda City Facelift 2020 will possess the new shark antenna, chrome handles, new door protectors, bumper reflectors, etc.


However, fans are giving mixed reaction with regard to the upcoming Honda’s model. Some of them believe that the word new is utilized in wrong way by several manufacturers including Honda. However, its City variant is in the market from over the decade and some people considered facelift models as the same as the repetition of cars with the minor changes.

It is earlier to say that whether Honda is actually launching the Honda City Facelift 2020 or just trying to use the marketing tactic.

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