Pak Suzuki Just Announced A Major Price Hike; Again.

Update: Pak Suzuki has updated price-tag for Suzuki 1.0L Cultus VXL AGS and 1.3L and Suzuki Swift variants and the notice has already circulated by the official dealerships countrywide. The automotive manufacturer raised prices on 30th March earlier for particular models. And now yet again, the prices for 7 cars have upgraded with a notice effecting prices from 1st April 2019.

According to it, the brand has increased prices of not one or two but 7 vehicles including the Cultus VXL, Suzuki Bolan, Wagon R VXL, Cultus VXR, Wagon R VXR, Mehran VXR, and Mehran VX.

In 2018, Pak Suzuki increased price for their vehicles more than 5 times. It's expected that the price-hike trend will continue throughout 2019 as well. Automotive manufacturers have been suffering from the staggering Rupee as importing car parts had become super expensive after dollar values escalated. The reason behind this price hike is also due to the devaluation of Rupee against Dollar.

Pak Suzuki has already announced the discontinuation of Mehran 800cc replacing it with Suzuki Alto 600cc which will be facing tough competitions in the market. In recent time, Pak Suzuki’s long running monopoly has faced a roller coaster and a status threat. However the new price hike only confirms the bad threat to their reputation. Still, we leave it on time to say what’s going to happen next.

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