Fourth generation of Suzuki Swift in 2019 is best expected to be launched in June 20 by Pak Suzuki this year. Auto-Enthusiasts couldn’t keep it calm and the news turned into a viral buzz across social media to auto-motive market just as it was released. As 2019 is proceeding to century advancements with all the industries in Pakistan, we are crucially anticipating some high performance, era-complimenting chic cars to break conventional cars monopoly in Pakistan.

Various sources have described Suzuki Swift to have

  • multiple engine configuration including a 3 cylinder
  • 1.0 Liter booster-jet engine,
  • KB12 1.2L petrol,
  • SVS Hybrid and couple of diesel engines including a 1.3L and 1.5L.

It is extricated from rumors that the new Suzuki Swift is equipped with many types of driving convenience, high safety, sufficient legroom and good boot space for a hatchback.

Will the new model meet our expectations or is it planning some real wonders to launch?

Well, we will have to wait till we witness the launch!

If the rumors have led right specifications, chances are that the Suzuki Swift 2019 will be a direct competitor of Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Ignis, Honda Fit, and Toyota Aqua.

When reached to the officials at Pak Suzuki, they denied announcing any launch of Suzuki Swift 2019 and stated that nothing can be confirmed at this stage. Obvious it is that they are anticipating a right moment to break out the launch date and hit the auto-market. Still, we can’t keep it quiet and down.

New Auto-launches are the priority as the Auto-Policy 2016-22 has launched and attracted investors throughout the world, leaving absolutely no reason to continue the conventional car monopoly in Pakistan.

Recently at Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad’s visit to Pakistan, the envoy said the trip would bring good prospects for Pakistan, especially in the automobile sector, clearly displaying interest to invest in the automotive sector of Pakistan.

With many other advanced car launch rumors, Pak Suzuki’s launching of Suzuki Swift 2019 model in Pakistan has become a part of thrill too. Let’s wait a bit more to witness how the investor’s attraction and rumored plans of new car launches especially of the Suzuki Swift 2019 turn out to be!

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