Pak Suzuki Started Assembling Alto 660cc in Pakistan

Assembling Alto 660CC variant in Pakistan, Pak Suzuki bids final farewell to Mehran.

Pak Suzuki has initiated the production process for Alto 660CC in Pakistan. Sources say that assembling of 25 car units have been successfully adopted up till now for testing purposes. Pictures of Alto 660cc version in making have been revolving around social media. After 30 consistent years of having Mehran play a major monopoly in Pakistan, Alto 660cc is concerned to either excite the record of Mehran or demoralize the old school fashioned car in 2019, especially when Prince Pearl and United Bravo are giving tough competition. However, the assembling of 660cc is in progress and following the news, it is clear that the Pak Suzuki is hitting roads with the Alto 660cc version in Pakistan, very soon.

The Alto 2019 is opting for a 660cc engine. Arriving in both the auto and manual transmission variants, there will be three variants of Alto 2019 available in Pakistan. Top-of-the-line variant will have an automatic transmission whereas the manual Alto will be a base and higher spec model.

The price is expected to range between 8 lakh to 10 lakh, according to expert estimates.

Suzuki Alto 2019 will be arriving with 8th gen model in Pakistan. However, we cannot deny the chances for having 8th gen features vary, a little subtly.

The modification’s decision by Pak Suzuki for Mehran’s halt and access of Alto 660 is solely based on matching the developments criteria which every auto company is seeking for. 2019 is surely a year of advancements and forward looking ideas. We are curious to know if the Suzuki 2019 will receive any fortune in 2019’s auto-market or not.

Comment down your thoughts over the new car model, arriving soon to hit your streets.

Waiting for Pak Suzuki to ship Alto 660cc version to Pakistan, you guys also need to stay a bit low-key until the final debut confirms spec details for the upgrading car. Mehran for sure played a safe monopoly in Pakistan for 30 years; but will the Auto 660cc be able to execute it?

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