Top Affordable 660 cc Japanese Cars in Pakistan

Convenience, infotainment, or high end security systems! Whatexactly you look for in your dream car? Well, definitely all of these mentionedfeatures are relatively important, but above all, every car buyer wants anaffordable vehicle with excellent fuel average.

Due to a major increase in fuel prices in Pakistan, CNG cameout as an alternative fuel. There has been an immense rise in demand of CNG,and 660 cc cars emerged as the most economical options for budget consciousbuyers. 

Presenting a list of best regarded 660 cc Japanese cars thatyou can purchase within limited budget.

Suzuki Every

Suzuki Every is aperfect affordable van which has the enough capacity to accommodate 5 to 7persons. Due to its vast accommodation feature, it is highly demanded and isregarded as a ‘family car’. It is a perfect vehicle for long journey, orfamily/ friends picnic trips.  It isequipped with 660 cc capacity engine, proper legroom, head rest, safety &entertainment system. The fuel consumption capacity of Suzuki Every is 15 to 18 LKM/L. The price of Suzuki Every inPakistan is between 8 Lakh to 10 Lakh PKR.

Daihatsu Mira ES

Daihatsu Mira ES isone of the most popular imported cars from Japan in Pakistan. The best thingabout this vehicle is that despite of 660 cc engine present inside, it canprovide you mileage of 18 to 20 KM/L. This feature is highly applauded and isquiet rare in 660 cc car capacity. High built quality and economical pricingmakes it a fine choice of majority of Pakistani families.  The Daihatsu Mira ES price in Pakistan isbetween PKR 9,50,000 to PKR 10,50,000/-.

Imported Suzuki Alto model

This vehicle gained the status of most popular economicalcar status in Pakistan. With automatic transmission, and 660 cc engine fittedinside this Imported Suzuki Alto has hybrid technology that gives bettermileage and is environment friendly. The fuel consumption of this vehicle is 15to 17 KM/L fuel consumption. Having the specifications like power locks, air bags,air conditioners, radio entertainment systems, and keyless entry, ImportedSuzuki Alto can be your perfect companion in long journeys. The price ofImported Suzuki Alto in Pakistan is within 10 lakh PKR.

Suzuki Alto 2016 Model

The Suzuki Alto 2016model is running on 660 cc three cylinder engines with fuel consumption of37 km/liter. Having strong body, the weight of this car is reduced about 60kg. Suzuki Alto comes with seat beltreminder on both driver and passenger seats as a part of their safety measures.Electronic stability is quiet strong and it comes with unique system likeheated front seat, keyless entry, automatic air conditioning, start-stopbutton, electric mirrors, and cup holders. High level performance is guaranteedwith the presence of advanced technologies. Suzuki Alto 2016 model price inPakistan is PKR 12 Lakh.

Honda S660

Equipped with 660 cc three cylinder engineproducing 64 hp, Honda S660 is alight weighted sports car. The Honda S660 2017 model is designed officially asa kei car that weighs less than 700 kg. The US version of this car use turbocharged 1.0 liter motor with around 95 kW. With two doors coupes from Honda,the car is positioned below Honda NSX, and Honda CR-Z. The estimated price ofHonda S660 in Pakistan is between 20 to 25 Lakh.

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