Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2019, On Board!

Toyota Corolla Hatchback has finally received the GR Sport treatment following Toyota’s announcement that it intends to develop performance versions of all cars in a line. Toyota Corolla getting the cosmetic upgrade in form of the GR Sport 2019 is the first outcome of their promise and car fans went crazy with auto-body’s dynamic design upgrade.

The Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2019 model has 18 inch strong alloy wheels, fast and ambitious body design paired with circular gleaming headlights on front and geometrical line shaped red headlights on back. The curves have been updated and body tone has transcended to bi tones with grey and black fierce color pairs.

The car does not offer any performance upgrades at all and the Power train specifications remain the same as for standard models, which means you choose either a 2.0-litre (125kW/200Nm) petrol engine or a 1.8-litre (90kW/142Nm) petrol-electric hybrid. Due to the only aesthetic upgrade and zero performance advancement, the GR Sport 2019 is unlikely to be launched in Australia however after its launch in the Geneva Motor show, the Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2019 will go on sale in Europe by January 2020. The sporty body of GR Sport 2019 Corolla has got the latter comprising a new fascia, side winged skirts, and a rear bumper.

GR Sport’s interior has gone through evolvement and aesthetic improvement as well making it more sophisticated, rich and convincing for the vehicle passengers. The fiercely bolstered bucket seats in cloth and full leather, with red and black contrast stitching projects a cool impressive vibe to the car ride.

GR Sport Corolla 2019 specifications are identical to its prior version however the aesthetic upgrade has made it more chic and posh!

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