Toyota Is Finally Introducing Yaris Sedan Instead Of Vios in Pakistan

The Indus Motors Company (IMC) is about to launch Yaris Sedan.

Earlier in 2018, the Toyota manufacturers or the IMC stepped up with Vios Sedan to replace the ever-popular 1.3 liter Toyota Corolla’s Xli & GLi variants. However, due to the devaluation of Rupee against dollar and other economic conditions, the IMC announced a change of plan and put halt over Vios launching plan in mid of 2018.

Insiders of industry are speculating that the IMC is now gearing up to launch the Yaris Sedan in Pakistan. Yaris Sedan (also known as Yaris Ativ) was initially unveiled in Thailand, where to comply with the country’s Eco Car policies, it had a smaller engine, 4-cylinder 1.2 liter petrol Dual VVT-I engine coupled with a Super CVT-i transmission.

However in other countries, the Yaris 2019 comes with a 1.2 or 1.5 liter engine.

Yaris is cheaper in cost-value than Vios however both of them enjoy an identical platform base, including dimensions, suspension, interior and many other features.

Vios and Yaris are so close in nature that in many countries Vios is known as Yaris and in rest of countries, Yaris is recognized as Vios.

Apart from this, the Toyota is also experimenting with Daihatsu Bezza sedan which has a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission that has either a 1.0 liter or 1.3 liter engine. Bezza is likely to be launched soon after or around the launch of Yaris Ativ in Pakistan. IMC is clearly gearing up to compete head on rivalry with Kia, Hyundai, Proton and Renault with their new vehicles on medium-to-budget friendly cost values.

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