United Bravo 2019 Receives Updates, Cost Is Still Same

After the discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran, the competition became intense as Prince Pearl, United Bravo, and Suzuki Alto 2019 660cc are in the field.

Recently, United Bravo received some update within a few months after its launch to ensure the latest quality standards. Just have a look at few of them.


When talk about the United Bravo 2019 interior, the sound protection has been improved to help give a far smoother and quiet ride. The back seats have been improved too with the assistance of more headroom and extra lean back in the seats that will profit the stance.

The seating has been improved with better texture and padding to give an unmistakably progressively agreeable ride.


United Bravo 2019 will be available in 6 new colors that are:

  • • Beige metallic
  • • Grey metallic
  • • Maroon metallic
  • • Royal blue
  • • Silver metallic
  • • White

The door handles will likewise coordinate the shade based on your personal preference alongside coordinating side mirrors. It is relevant to call attention to that earlier Bravo didn't have space for an extra wheel yet now that is a relic of past times and it will accompany an extra wheel. Indeed, even the texture and padding of the seats has been advanced to give solace to the lengthy drives.

United Bravo users were highly expecting these changes. However, it is great that United Bravo took the feedback of customers seriously and followed up on it. The greatest downside of owning the Bravo was the absence of an extra tire. It additionally gives the Bravo an edge over Alto as Suzuki's smash hit just has a tire fix unit.

With respect to the coordinating door handles and mirrors, they help give the car a progressively contemporary look that looks additionally satisfying to the eye. All the more significantly, this is standard nowadays.


In terms of engine, earlier issues of vibration were reported in the United Bravo 2019. Now, they are resolved along with the better fuel efficiency and initial acceleration. Moreover, tuning in to the requests of the clients, the organization has included charcoal canister and engine shield.


With several new changes it is expected that the United Bravo will appeal the car buyers. However, the current United Bravo price in Pakistan is around Rs 985,000 and the company is trying to justify the price with these updates.

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