Why Hybrid Cars Is The Most Feasible Option for Pakistanis?

Ever heard or seen a hybridcar on the roads of Pakistan? If no, then we suggest you to start thinkingabout switching to it.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are functioning on two power sources, petrol engine (internal combustion engine),and battery pack. The users are not supposed to charge the batteries by plugging them in power socket. The battery is charged when a driver slow down,it is called re-generative braking, and it converts kinetic energy intoelectrical potential energy.

 Hybrid cars requires battery to start and can stay on electricpower until you cross the 40 kph barrier, and after crossing that carautomatically converts to petrol engine. These types of hybrid cars do nottravel for longer distance on battery alone as the engine takes the controlafter driving for 1-2 km.

Hybrid cars ofthis type are known for giving higher mileage on normal city roads, but itsmileage drops on highways. In the international scenario, these cars come witha 160,000 km warranty for the battery. You will find this kind of hybrid carson Pakistani roads.

What Makes Hybrid Cars Best Choice?

Environmental Friendly

Traffic load has been increasing day by day which adds tothe air pollution in our environment. The carbon dioxide released by the carsstay in the atmosphere which is certainly regarded as the major reason forglobal warming. Hybrid cars can definitely bring a change by using electricpower when possible, which results in less burning of fuel. An average hybridvehicle releases 70g/km of CO2 as compared to 140g/km of a non-hybrid vehicle.Comparatively, this can bring a change in reducing the air pollution.

Better Fuel Economy

This is certainly the main reason behind the popularity ofhybrid cars. Oil resources are getting scarce all over the world and thereforehybrid technology can be an alternative to that. They are equipped withelectric motor and battery. This helps in production of electric energy whichcan save fuel.

Better Performance

The electric motor fitted in hybrid cars gives more torquewhen you press the pedal which minimizes initial delay. This is certainlyeffective in start/stop traffic of cities. For better performance,manufacturers have started to equip their high performing vehicles with hybridtechnologies to produce more power and effective performance. Porsche 918 andMcLaren P1 are key examples of high performing cars running on hybridtechnologies.

Hybrid cars in Pakistan

Currently, Pakistan is all set to revolutionize theautomobile industry by bringing in the hybrid technologies. Network ofmotorways and highways stretching from Gwadar and Karachi to other cities bringsa huge opportunity of making them friendly to adopt electric-hybrid cars of thefuture. This includes from heavy duty-freighters and buses to light-commercialtrucks and family Sedans.

Pakistan should start thinking to dump all thecostly polluting vehicles and synchronize itself with future’s hybridtechnology that comes with lesser price and higher dividends.

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