Why Suzuki Mehran is the Most Popular Choice of Pakistanis?

If you ask an average Pakistani about their choice ofvehicle to purchase, most of them will prefer the most economical option,Suzuki Mehran. This comes with no surprise, as we have seen this car riding onthe roads of Pakistan since our childhood.

Pak Suzuki Motors Company manufactures and assembles SuzukiMehran in Pakistan since it was introduced in the market for the first time in1989. Over a period of more than two decades, the company made no efforts tochange the basic specifications of Suzuki Mehran. Still, this vehicle has beenmost demanded and sold car in Pakistan.

What edge does Suzuki Mehran has over others? Let’s findout:

 Fuel Efficient

Car buyers in Pakistan are mostly concerned with the fuelmileage and running cost when making a car buying decision. Suzuki Mehran comeswith 800 cc EFI Euro 2 engine which manages to pull out excellent fuel economyfigures for the users. You can expect anywhere between 17-20 km/l from SuzukiMehran. Everyone loves to ride a car that is cheap to run anyway?

Low Maintenance

One of the most attractive benefits of Suzuki Mehran is thatit has low maintenance expenditure. You can compare the affordability of SuzukiMehran with CD-125 Motorbike.

Availability of Spare Parts                      

All the spare parts of all the variants of Suzuki Mehran areavailable on low cost. All mechanic shops in Pakistan are familiar with thefunctionality of this vehicle and in case you lost any of its spare parts, thenyou can get it from any car spare parts shop.

Better Mileage

The power generated by Suzuki Mehran is fairly enough forproviding the passengers with a smooth and pleasant riding experience. Thetransition from zero to 60 km/hour takes only 13 seconds which is commendablefor a small car with an average engine. Mehran offers 18 KM highway mileage and16 KM city mileage. With a fully synchronize manual transmission system, thecar runs pretty smoothly even on the rough roads of the country

Affordably Priced

Suzuki Mehran price in Pakistan is within a range ofapproximately five to six hundred thousand rupees. This makes it a dream carfor a middle class family. There is nothing luxuriant about this extremelysimple vehicle which comes with enhanced features totally loved by a mid rangeuser. Its affordability is the main factor which contributes towards itspopularity. Suzuki Mehran VX costs PKR 679,000, and VXR CNG model costs PKR802,000, which are pretty reasonable when it comes to latest 2017 version.

New imported Japanese hatchbacks with advancedsafety features have also been witnessed on Pakistani roads, but still thosecars combined couldn’t match up with the sales of Mehran to date. 

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