Xiaomi Redmi is holding a Premiere for SUV Car?

Well, Yes. Xiaomi has again hit the audience and created awe. Remaining no longer as only a phone manufacturer and tech giant but now, Xiaomi has ascended all the way up to the car’s manufacturer list.

Xiaomi Redmi is all set to launch its first Redmi SUV to the world and we are super excited to see what the tech-genius brand, Xiaomi is bringing up!

The company has reportedly partnered with Bestune (FAW), the company which introduced the Bestune T77 SUV, last April as Bestern T-Concept at the Beijing Auto Show. Xiaomi’s SUV is currently being priced as 89,800 Yuan or around $13,400. Following such worth value, only premium features and high tech customization can be expected from the debuting car, Xiaomi Redmi SUV.

Details haven’t been out yet and we are anticipating for some really exciting spec news however some of the basic features have been sourced out about the SUV. This rumored feature detail include

  • • Dimensions: 4525 x 1845 x 1615 mm
  • • Wheelbase: 2700 mm
  • • Weight: 1455 kg
  • • Maximum Horsepower: 143Ps
  • • Maximum Power: 105kW
  • • Maximum Torque: 204Nm

The Debut is scheduled for 3rd March 2019. Lets hold our excitement for a little long and see how exactly the Xiaomi’s first ever SUV face turns out to be!

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