Best Cars Under 15 Lakhs in Pakistan 2022

Best Cars Under 15 Lakhs

It's tempting to save money by choosing a reasonable car when you're preparing to spend a huge amount on a new car. Before investing in the car a buyer must keep in mind that the car should have the power you require for your highway journey as well as the space you require for passengers and baggage. It should also be equipped with the most up-to-date security features and technologies to keep you connected and informed. Here the question arises which car could be the best option at a reasonable cost. This blog on the 4 best cars under 15 lakhs in Pakistan 2022 will helps you to know where to spend your hard-earned money.

Suzuki Alto

Price: PKR 1306,000

Suzuki Alto has long had a solid market share in underdeveloped countries, owing to its low cost and low fuel consumption. It was first introduced to Pakistan in 1979 and quickly gained popularity. It was originally known as the Suzuki FX, and it was the cheapest automobile on the market at the time.

Suzuki Alto 2022

The boxy shape of the new Suzuki Alto features aerodynamic curves and lines. The vehicle has a visually appealing appearance. A new grille with sweeping vertical lines adorns the front of the Alto. The automobile features a sleek spoiler on the back that gives it a modern flair. Retractable mirrors are also included in the VXL model.

DFSK Prince Pearl

Price: PKR 1,586,000

Regal Automobiles introduced the Prince Pearl hatchback in Pakistan in 2019. Prince Pearl is a three-cylinder, front-wheel-drive car with a 796cc engine producing 40 horsepower at 5500 RPM and 60.5 Nm torque at 3500 RPM with water-cooled EFI. LCD Screen, Spare Tyre, Fog Lamps, Optional Airbag, Power Windows, Power Steering, Power Door Locks, and a 3-year or 60,000-kilometer guarantee are some of the highlights of Prince Pearl 2021.

DFSK Prince Pearl 2022

With an increased front bumper and a wide-shaped black grill, Prince Pearl 2022 exterior offers a superb athletic aspect. The front bumper is attractive and is supposed to contain fog lights, which is an excellent feature in this price range. The vehicle's luxurious appearance and feel are enhanced by the large chrome grille on the front.

United Bravo

Price: PKR 11,50,000

United Bravo is an 800cc hatchback that was released in September 2018 by Pakistani automaker United Auto Industries. In Pakistan, the firm is the second-largest motorbike manufacturer. After the termination of Pakistan's favorite car, the Suzuki Mehran, United Bravo, a rebadged version of Dahe 350, was launched, and it shares numerous features with Mehran.

United Bravo 2022

The new United Bravo 2022 has a beautiful overall appearance. The car's front end features a minimalistic grille with multi-reflector crystal headlamps and front fog lamps, which are a new feature in Pakistani 800cc automobiles. United Bravo competes with Prince Pearl, a new car that shares many of the same features as the Bravo. Pearl has similar engine power, mileage, and nearly identical interior features to United Bravo, making it a viable contender. It was also just released, thus its resale value is comparable to the Bravo.


Price: PKR 15,0000

In Pakistan, the ZOTYE automotive firm has launched a vehicle. And, given the growing demand for automobiles, other models may be released in the future. The ZOTYE Z100 automobile has been launched in Pakistan by the ZOTYE car manufacturer.

ZOTYE Z100 2022

This little hatchback is a two-wheel-drive automobile with a front-engine, and its compact size makes it ideal for Pakistan's congested roadways. Bookings for the Zotye Z100 have begun in Lahore, and some of the vehicles can already be seen on Pakistani roads.

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