Cars Under 5 Lacs in Pakistan

Cars Under 5 Lacs in Pakistan

Since imported cars are now available for lease in Pakistan, the market has seen an influx of a wide range of vehicles. It is now simple to find cars in higher price ranges and product categories. Regardless of the specifications, they successfully meet the needs of Pakistani car buyers and users. However, when it comes to the affordability of middle-class people when purchasing a car, it is a hassle. Buying a car for less than or in 5 Lakhs is a significant challenge in Pakistan.

Price is a good starting point, but to narrow down your options even further, considers the following three factors: quality cost of ownership, and reliability. After conducting extensive research, the decision to purchase a car must be made clear. To avoid future problems, it is also advisable to have the vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic. Here are some of the best cars in Pakistan under 5 lakhs that are affordable to many classes of Pakistan.

Best Cars in Pakistan under 5 Lakhs 2022:

Suzuki Mehran 2005

Price: 3.85 Lacs

Specifications: 800cc, Petrol, Manual, 12-14 KM/L FWD, 5-Seater, Hatchback

KIA Classic LX 2005

Price: 4.6 Lacs

Specifications: 1323cc, Petrol, Manual, 16-18 KM/L FWD, 5 Seater, Sedan

Suzuki Khyber 1996

Price: 4.85 Lacs

Specifications: 999cc, Petrol, Manual, 12-14 KM/L FWD, 5 Seater

Suzuki FX 1986

Price: 2.3 Lacs

Specifications: 800cc, Petrol, Manual, 10-14 KM/L FWD, 5 Seater, Hatchback

Suzuki Baleno 2001

Price: 6.99 Lacs

Specifications: 1300cc, Petrol, Automatic, 19-21 KM/L FWD, 5 Seater Airbags: 2 Airbags, Sedan

Suzuki Margalla 1996

Price: 4.25 Lacs

Specifications: 1300cc, Petrol, Manual, 12-18 KM/L AWD, 5 Seater, Sedan

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