CG125's Evolution: 77 Improvements & Stylish Stickers

Atlas Honda, a name synonymous with reliability and motorcycles in Pakistan, has unveiled the 'all-new' 2024 CG125, and while it may seem like a case of déjà vu on the surface, this bike has received a makeover that's more than skin deep. Let's dive into what's changed and what's staying the same.

Revamped Aesthetics

First things first, you'll notice a fresh new sticker design that graces the CG125, emphasizing its 'all-new' status. Additionally, the 'Special Edition' has been elevated to the 'Gold Edition,' featuring a stunning blend of black and gold aesthetics. This includes a stylish speedometer, a golden front emblem, an updated seat stitching pattern, and a sleek black and gold sticker. The bike's overall look is further complemented by gold accents on the side and exhaust cover, as well as clear white blinkers.

77 Improvements under the Hood

While the visual changes are noticeable, the real transformation happens under the hood. Atlas Honda has invested in a series of improvements to enhance the CG125's performance and reliability. These improvements include:

* Increased Compression Ratio: This enhances the engine's efficiency and power output.

* Upgraded Carburetor Design: Improving airflow for better combustion and performance.

* Upgraded Pistons: Enhancing durability and engine efficiency.

* Refreshed Crank-Shaft Assembly: Ensuring smoother and more reliable operation.

* Redesigned Head and Cylinder: Optimized for improved combustion and efficiency.

* Revised Combustion Chamber Design: Enhancing combustion for better power.

* New Gear-Oil Pump Drive: Improving transmission performance.

* New Gear Timing Drive: Enhancing precision and reliability.

* Reinforced Engine Mounting Points: Ensuring long-lasting stability.

What Does It Mean for You?

Now, you might be wondering if these 77 improvements translate into a significantly different riding experience. The answer is a bit more nuanced. While these changes do improve the bike's overall performance and reliability, the core essence of the CG125 remains intact. It's still the durable workhorse that has served generations of riders.

Pricing and Availability

Despite these upgrades, Atlas Honda has maintained the prices of the CG125. The standard CG125 is priced at Rs. 234,900, while the SE (now Gold Edition) comes in at Rs. 282,900. This commitment to affordability is a nod to the loyal customer base that has supported Atlas Honda over the years.

The Atlas Honda Legacy

Atlas Honda has been a cornerstone of Pakistan's motorcycle industry for decades, boasting the largest production and sales volume in the country. While some may argue that their bikes remain reminiscent of a bygone era, their consistent demand reflects the limited choices available to buyers.

In conclusion, the 2024 Honda CG125 may not be a radical departure from its predecessors, but it is a testament to Atlas Honda's commitment to continuous improvement while keeping the beloved essence of the CG125 intact. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a first-time motorcycle owner, the CG125 remains a reliable and accessible choice in Pakistan's motorcycle market.

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