KIA Pakistan Increases Price upto Rs. 1.3 Million

KIA, like most car manufacturers, periodically adjusts its prices based on market conditions, production costs, and other factors. In recent years, there has been a general trend of car prices increasing globally due to various reasons like increasing production costs and supply chain disruptions. I cannot say for certain if KIA has increased its prices, but price changes are usually announced by the company or can be found on its official website.

Here is the Updated Price By KIA Pakistan:

KIA Cars Old Price New Price Increase
Picanto MT Rs. 3,100,000 Rs. 3,200,000 Rs. 100,000
Picanto AT Rs. 3,200,000 Rs. 3,400,000 Rs. 200,000
Stonic EX Rs. 4,545,000 Rs. 4,800,000 Rs. 255,000
Stonic EX Plus Rs. 4,848,000 Rs. 5,250,000 Rs. 402,000
Sportage Alpha Rs. 6,250,000 Rs. 6,500,000 Rs. 250,000
Sportage FWD Rs. 6,750,000 Rs. 7,000,000 Rs. 250,000
Sportage AWD Rs. 7,250,000 Rs. 7,650,000 Rs. 400,000
Sorento 2.4L FWD Rs. 7,800,000 Rs. 8,400,000 Rs. 600,000
Sorento 3.5L FWD Rs. 8,500,000 Rs. 9,100,000 Rs. 600,000
Carnival GLS Executive Rs. 13,699,000 Rs. 15,000,000 Rs. 1,301,000
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