Latest Features in KIA Picanto Unveiled

In a strategic move to enhance the driving experience for its customers, Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL) has unveiled two remarkable features in the Automatic variant of the popular KIA Picanto in Pakistan. These additions not only signify the brand's commitment to innovation but also reinforce its dedication to providing value for money. Let's explore the exciting new features that are set to redefine the driving landscape in the country.

* 9-Inch MP5 Touchscreen

* Rear-View Camera

1. 9-Inch MP5 Touchscreen:

One of the standout additions to the KIA Picanto Automatic variant is the inclusion of a cutting-edge 9-inch MP5 touchscreen. This feature, once an optional upgrade, is now a standard offering, ensuring that every driver gets to experience the full spectrum of infotainment capabilities. The larger screen size promises a more immersive and user-friendly interface, making every drive an entertainment-filled journey.

Whether it's navigating through city traffic or embarking on a road trip, the 9-inch MP5 touchscreen provides seamless access to multimedia options, navigation tools, and vehicle settings. From streaming music to staying connected through smartphone integration, this feature adds a layer of sophistication to the driving experience, setting the KIA Picanto apart in its class.

2. Rear-View Camera:

Backing up just got easier with the addition of a Rear-View Camera to the KIA Picanto Automatic variant. This safety feature not only streamlines parking maneuvers but also enhances overall situational awareness. The Rear-View Camera, strategically positioned to provide a clear view of the surroundings, minimizes blind spots and ensures a safer driving experience.

Parking in tight spots or navigating crowded urban areas becomes a breeze, thanks to the real-time visual assistance provided by the camera. The integration of this technology underscores Lucky Motor Corporation's commitment to prioritizing safety without compromising on style and convenience.

Price Unchanged, Value Amplified

Despite the incorporation of these two premium features, Lucky Motor Corporation Limited has maintained the price of the KIA Picanto Automatic variant at Rs. 3,850,000 (ex-factory). This decision reflects the company's dedication to providing exceptional value for money, making the KIA Picanto an even more enticing option for discerning drivers in Pakistan.

It's worth noting that this announcement follows a proactive move by LMCL last month, where the price of the Automatic variant was decreased by Rs. 100,000. By keeping the price unchanged after introducing these upgrades, LMCL has effectively amplified the overall value proposition of the KIA Picanto.

Final Thoughts:

With the introduction of the 9-inch MP5 touchscreen and Rear-View Camera, Lucky Motor Corporation Limited has not only elevated the KIA Picanto Automatic variant but has also set a new standard for driving convenience, safety, and entertainment in Pakistan. As the automotive landscape evolves, LMCL's commitment to enhancing the driving experience positions the KIA Picanto as a frontrunner in its category, promising a future where innovation and value go hand in hand.

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