New Cars Between 20 To 30 Lakhs in Pakistan

Making life simpler is the aim of modern technology, which is accelerating change and revolution in almost every field. Buyers want the newest features, a sleek interior and sturdy exterior, a good engine, less fuel consumption, and overall a good car that provides the best driving experience, so looking for just inexpensive cars does not meet this demand.

Due to the fact that many vehicles are produced locally by Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, and other manufacturers, many cars are still on the road today that are under thirty Lacs Pakistani rupees. On this page, you can also find new cars option between 20 to 30 Lacs. The most recent specifications and features installed by the company are available to the public. Take a look below to find out the most recent pricing for vehicles that are under 30 lakhs.

Honda Freed

• 29.85 Lacs, Price in Pakistan

• 1496cc, Petrol, Automatic (CVT), 25-27 KM/L

• FWD, 7 Seater

• Airbags: 2, Driver, Side, Hatchback

JMC New Boarding

• 29.5 Lacs, Price in Pakistan

• 2771cc, Diesel, Manual,12-13 KM/L

• RWD, 2 Seater

Nissan Qashqai

• 29.5 Lacs, Price in Pakistan

• 1998cc, Petrol, Automatic (CVT),7-10 KM/L

• FWD, 5 Seater Airbags: 7 Airbags, SUV

Suzuki Xbee

• 28.5 Lacs, Price in Pakistan

• 996cc, Hybrid, Automatic, 20-22 KM/L

• FWD, 5 Seater Airbags: Driver, Side Airbags, SUV

Proton Saga

• 28.24 Lacs, Price in Pakistan

• 1299cc, Petrol, Manual, 12-16 KM/L

• 4WD, 5 Years / 150000 K, 5 Seater Airbags: 2, Driver+Passenger, Sedan

Suzuki Cultus

• 27.54 Lacs, Price in Pakistan

• 998cc, Petrol, Manual, 18-20 KM/L

• 2WD, 5 Seater

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