Price of Audi E-Tron Has Reduced By PKR 20 Million

In Pakistan, the new E-Tron made its debut in 2020 thanks to Audi Premier Motors. The fully assembled (CBU) luxury electric vehicle (EV) comes in SUV and Sportback variations.

E-Tron suffered from the same problems as its completely built-up (CBU) competitors two months ago, including the depreciating local currency, rising taxes, and shipping costs, which resulted in a price increase of up to Rs. 25 million.

Audi has lowered the price of the E-Tron by up to almost Rs. 20 million, which is encouraging news for a small segment of consumers.

Price Of A New Audi E-Tron

• The e-tron 50 now costs Rs. 22,300,000 instead of Rs. 32,450,000. It indicates a Rs. 10,150,000 decrease in the value of the vehicle.

• The price of the e-tron SB has dropped from Rs. 36,150,000 to Rs. 24,850,000, a reduction of Rs. 11,300,000.

• Additionally, the e-tron GT's revised price is Rs. 34,500,000 as opposed to the previous price of Rs. 48,325,000. Consequently, the car's price has decreased by Rs. 13,825,000.

• Last but not least, the company has disclosed a significant reduction in the RS e-tron GT's price of Rs. 19,500,000. Instead of the previous Rs. 68,000,000, the car will now cost Rs. 48,500,000.

Luxury EVs are starting to gain popularity among Pakistan's residents of large cities, with E-Tron at the top of the food chain. The Audi E-Tron poses a real threat to high-end gasoline or diesel vehicles that cost almost twice as much given its features, appearance, and performance.

Even with the price reduction, the Audi E-Tron remains out of reach for the majority of Pakistanis. However, it is a fantastic addition to a 5- to 8-car garage for those with sufficient purchasing power.

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