Road Prince Revealed Affordable Electric E-GO Bike

Road Prince, a leading name in the world of motorcycles, has finally unveiled the much-anticipated price of their revolutionary electric motorcycle, the Road Prince E-GO. With its attractive pricing and eco-friendly features, the E-GO aims to redefine your daily commute.

Road Prince E-GO Price

Priced at just PKR 260,000, the Road Prince E-GO is not only an exciting addition to the electric vehicle market but also an incredibly budget-friendly option for those looking to make the switch to electric mobility.

A Solution to Rising Petrol Prices

Are you tired of the relentless rise in petrol prices? Do you yearn for a cleaner environment while also saving money on your daily travels? The Road Prince E-GO is the answer to your prayers.

Technical Specifications

Let's delve deeper into the technical aspects that make the E-GO a standout in the electric motorcycle arena:

Spacious Design

With dimensions measuring 1920mm in length, 790mm in width, and 1190mm in height, along with a generous wheelbase of 1240mm, the E-GO guarantees a comfortable and stable riding experience.

Smooth Ride

The suspension system of the E-GO is top-notch, featuring a telescopic inner spring with rebound damping in the front and a swing arm with outer spring, shocks with rebound damping, and preload adjuster in the rear. Regardless of the road conditions, your journey will be smooth and under control.

Electric Powerhouse

Underneath its sleek design, the E-GO is equipped with a powerful BLDC 72V/2HP Spoke HUB Motor with 72V/1500W, backed by CAN communication. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery, rated at 72V 24ah, provides an impressive range that ensures you won't be left stranded during your commute.

User-Friendly Interface

The E-GO offers a user-friendly interface with a responsive throttle, left switch assembly, and a digitally controlled speedometer for your safety and convenience.

Cost-Effectiveness at Its Core

One of the most significant advantages of the Road Prince E-GO is its cost-effectiveness. Say goodbye to petrol and oil expenses! With a remarkable 100-kilometer range on a single charge and no monthly tuning costs, it's an economical and eco-conscious choice for your daily commute.

Rest assured, the Road Prince E-GO is certified by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority and the Engineering Development Board. To further instill confidence in your purchase, it comes with a reassuring 24-month warranty.

In summary, the Road Prince E-GO combines affordability, eco-friendliness, and impressive technical specifications, making it a compelling choice for those seeking an electric motorcycle that not only saves money but also contributes to a cleaner environment. Whether you're tired of rising petrol prices or simply looking for a smarter way to commute, the Road Prince E-GO promises to transform your daily travel experience.

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