Suzuki Wagon R VXL AGS 2020 Review

Suzuki Wagon R VXL AGS 2020 Review

Wagon RAGS with a price tag of PKR 1,890,000 is grabbing the attention of car lovers.


, thereis no noticeable change can be observed. The main exterior features such asSuzuki Wagon R VXL AGS 2020 


Singledriver airbag and a black piano material at the back of the chrome Suzuki isminor change in its interior. The gearbox is a notable change in this variantwith four modes: reverse, neutral, drive, and manual. Bottle holders, cupholders, immobilizer, 12V charging socket, security alarm, 2-DIN integratedaudio system with two speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, front electric windows,manual air conditioner,  power steeringand central door locking are also included in interior same as Wagon R VXL.

Suzuki Wagon R VXLAGS 2020

Performance :

suzukiWagon R 2020 is a front engine front wheel drive hatchback comes with a 1000ccK10B petrol engine that produces 50 kW of power and 90 Nm of torque. It has aclutch actuator instead of a torque converter which usually observed inautomatic car. It maintains the optimal fuel efficiency of car. It is offering13 to 14 Km per liter in the city with air conditioning. The lag in gear can beobserved as it takes a lengthy interval between gear change and it is adrawback of Suzuki Wagon R AGS.

Suzuki Wagon R VXLAGS 2020

Comfort and Handling:

 Theseat is quite comfortable and the suspension is rather smooth over the bumps. alimited amount of luggage can be keep in  boot space as it is not wide.The drive of Wagon R AGS is quite smooth but it can lag in city space. Thelegroom and headroom are sufficient for an average-sized adult. Handling can bea bit tricky of this car.


It isquite attractive variant for those who are looking for an automatic hatchback.Its economical spare parts, maintenance and fuel capacity is very appealing tomasses as it is affordable automatic car. It spare parts are easily availableat 3S dealerships of Suzuki and locally from the market. Overall it is agood option to carry.

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