Toyota Corolla Fielder 2021 Price In Pakistan, Key Features, Specs

Toyota Corolla Fielder 2021 Price In Pakistan, Key Features, Specs

Toyotais regarded among the key automobile manufacturers in the world. However,Toyota Corolla Fielder 2021 is another great addition in their vast range of vehicles.It is regarded among popular station wagon in the domestic car market of Japan.

Toyota Corolla Fielder2021 Review

CorollaFielder 2021 is quite possibly the most extensive station carts to be offeredby Toyota under a truly moderate sticker price. The eleventh Generation ToyotaCorolla Axio Fielder is accessible in 4 variations X, G, Luxel and Luxel GEdition. The Toyota Corolla Axio Fielder eleventh Generation included a spicand span and more forceful plan language contrasted with the tenth GenerationToyota Corolla Axio Fielder. Creation of the Toyota Corolla Axio Fielder hasbeen progressing for more than 4 years. The Toyota Corolla Axio Fielder was andis accessible to buy during the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and the year 2015. The ToyotaCorolla Axio Fielder 11th Generation price in Pakistan is competitive when contrastedwith different models in a similar class accessible in the nearby market.

Interior and Exterior

ToyotaCorolla Fielder 2021 has excellent both in terms of interior and exterior. Whentalk about the X variant standard features, power windows, cup holders,tachometer, four airbags, air conditioning, power lock doors, trip computer,cup holders, and the stereo speaker system. The Toyota Corolla Fielder 2021 exterioroffers cleared headlights, a little chrome grille, a bigger hexagon airadmission and standard haze lights. The backside houses trapezium formedstacked side cleared headlights, an enormous guard and a standard rear end. Allvariations of the Toyota Corolla Axio Fielder highlights indistinguishablestyling in each perspective.

Toyota Corolla Fielder2021 Mileage

Themileage of Toyota Corolla Fielder 2021 is 15km to 22km per liter. However, itoffers the driving range of 675Km to 990Km with 42 liter fuel tank.

Toyota Corolla Fielder2021 Competitors

ToyotaProbox, Nissan Ad Van, Honda Airwave, and Suzuki APV are among its competitors.

Toyota Corolla Fielder2021 Price In Pakistan

Theprice of Toyota Corolla Fielder 2021 in Pakistan is not confirmed yet.

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