Toyota Passo 3rd Generation Review

Toyota Passo 3rd Generation Review

Boon isavailable with 1.0 L and 1.3 L engines. The main difference between theJapanese Boon and Saron is the automatic version where the steering wheel onthe dash board and the handbrake under the steering wheel as well as the gearchanger are located. The Toyota Passo isavailable in the third generation available in 2 variants of X and Moda, givingthe model a more stylish and refined look.

To ensure a stable, safe andcomfortable urban driving experience, Toyota has increased light weight,stiffer body and suspension. The price of the third generation Toyota Passo isvery competitive compared to other models of the same class.


Toyota Passo is a familiar languageof Toyota on the outside of the third generation of the Passo. The Toyota Passothird generation comes in two different styling styles, the X and the Moda. TheToyota Passo X Grade has a simple, accessible and secure design. The bottombumper has a trapezoid outline with a low center of gravity to meet theelongated front grille. This way the front of the car gets a better sense ofstability. The back houses have vertical taillights and a standard case hatchback.

The Toyota Passo Moda Grade offersmore eloquence and better design. The front edge has angular trapezium styledupswept headlights, a small rectangular grille. Toyota Passo Moda includescircular B-beam LED head lamps that can be switched between high and low beams.The overall exterior of the third-generation Toyota Passo has a very unique anddistinctive design language that allows it to stand out from its competitors.


The horizontally pronouncedinstrument panel emphasizes the breadth of the interior.Its basic featuresinclude Air Conditioner, CD Player, Defogger, Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid, Tachometer,Cup Holders and AM/FM Radio .In the Moda grade model, the Mengita accentsadorned the, side registration, audio cluster and seat fabric to give thevehicle a unique, refined look. Rear seats can be folded in a 60/40 split,While maintaining its decorative compact size, the Passo has added 75mm to therear legroom to guarantee a comfortable and spacious interior.

1.0 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3


CVT Automatic Transmission


Theclaimed mileage for Toyota Passo is in the range of 24.4 Km/L to 28 Km/L.


The maincompetitors of the Toyota Passo 3rd Generation are the FAW V2, Toyota Vitz,Honda Fit, Suzuki Wagon R, Honda N One, Toyota Yaris, Daihatsu Charade and theSuzuki Swift.


This is quite a noticeable variant for those who arelooking for a comfy car with Decent interiorspace and FWD as standard while AWD can be an option. It is Very fuel efficient with Powerful engine. A Good ride quality van be enjoyed with it. It isquite economical with a spacious interior with amazing exterior dimensions. 

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