Toyota teams up with NEDO to release its first solar car

Toyota teams up with NEDO to release its first solar car

Itis noted that the car will totally rely on solar power and will not require anycharging. The advanced solar panels will be used in the production of car sobatteries can run for a long time without the hassle of replacement.

KojiMakino, the Toyota’s project manager revealed that the solar car has a greatadvantage. Even though it is not possible to drive it for long hours but it isnot dependent on any charging facility.

Thereis a key problem in electric cars i.e. they need charging that means theyrequire charging port that are not much cheap. And sun on the other side is thesource of renewable energy that does not require any charging port. Solarpanels along with powerful batteries are needed in power cars to travel at thetime of night. However, a big amount of energy is required to operate a car.

Accordingto some auto experts, there is one key development given by the research thatcars can be charged if they are in motion and this thing was not happenedbefore. However, there are still some features left that need high effort onthem to build an efficient solar car.

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