Used Cars Under 7 Lakhs in Pakistan

Purchasing a car is an investment because they are expensive. If your budget is limited, don't worry. With this guide, you can still realize your dream of owning the best cars under 7 lakhs or less. Brace yourself to get all the useful information of cars for less than a million rupees in Pakistan! We will present a list of Pakistan's best and most popular vehicles that cost less than 700,000 rupees.

Many automobile manufacturers providing amazing cars in Pakistan but here we got some used cars under 7 lakh in Pakistan for people who are looking for affordable options. Cars mentioned here are excellent in production and manufacturing with distinctive finishing features at low quality and reasonable prices. Even though a beautiful and well-kept hatchback like the Suzuki Mehran, Cultus, or Alto can be had in Pakistan for under PKR 700,000, this page focuses on high-end vehicles that fall within this price range.

Suzuki Alto

One of the most well-liked small hatchbacks in Pakistan has been the Suzuki Alto. with a 15–17 KM/L fuel economy on average and features like keyless entry and power locks. It is the best vehicle to drive on Pakistani roads because it has air conditioning, airbags, and other safety features.

Suzuki Cultus

The Suzuki Cultus debuted in the first decade of the new millennium and is offered in three variations: VX, VXR, and VXL. As a premium model, the VXR variant provided customers with air conditioning. The Suzuki Cultus then received the VXL power steering and central locking additions. For between 5-5.5 lakhs, you can purchase a Cultus from the 2006–2007 model years with less than 100,000 miles on the odometer.

Daihatsu Cuore

The Cuore was successfully introduced in Pakistan during the early 2000s and quickly established itself in the automotive industry. Two variations of the front-wheel-drive hatchback were made available in 2012: the CL and the CX. It has a 0.8L OHC 6-valve inline-3 engine that generates 40 bhp. A 2003–2004 model with approximately 100,000 km can be purchased for around 4 lakh, while a model with lower mileage will cost around 6-7 lakh.

Hyundai Santro

In Pakistan, the Hyundai Santro was introduced in 2000 by the Dewan Farooq Group. In 2014, the front-wheel-drive hatchback was phased out. It was offered in a number of variations, including Exec GV, Prime GV, Club GV, Club GV GV, and Exec GV. For about 5–5.5 Lakh, you can find a Hyundai Santro with 80,000 miles on it.

Daihatsu Mira

Because of the excellent fuel efficiency, size, and features of the Mira, its recognition has grown over time. Older models are becoming significantly less expensive while the new models have become very expensive. A 2007 model is available for less than 7 lakhs. It is an excellent value given that this car has airbags, power steering, and ABS.

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