Haval H6 2022 Price in Pakistan

The Haval H6 2022 is a new SUV that has recently been launched in Pakistan. It is the first hybrid SUV to be launched in the country, and it is already making waves.

PKR 7,425,999 - PKR 9,749,000
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Haval H6 2022 Price in Pakistan

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the highly anticipated Haval H6 2022 in Pakistan. Packed with cutting-edge features, stunning design, and exceptional performance, the Haval H6 2022 is set to revolutionize the SUV market in Pakistan. Its remarkable features, impressive specifications, and captivating design elements that make the Haval H6 2022 an SUV worth considering.

Unparalleled Design:

The Haval H6 2022 boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design that exudes confidence on the road. With its bold front grille, striking LED headlights, and stylish contours, this SUV stands out from the crowd. The attention to detail in its design makes the Haval H6 2022 a true head-turner on Pakistani roads.

Powerful Performance:

Equipped with a robust engine, the Haval H6 2022 delivers an exhilarating driving experience. Whether you're tackling city streets or venturing off the beaten path, this SUV provides ample power and agility. With its advanced drivetrain and intelligent features, the Haval H6 2022 ensures optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and a smooth ride for both the driver and passengers.

Advanced Safety Features:

Safety takes center stage in the Haval H6 2022, as it comes loaded with an array of advanced safety features. From its comprehensive airbag system to its cutting-edge driver-assist technologies, this SUV prioritizes the well-being of its occupants. With features such as lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control, the Haval H6 2022 sets new standards for safety in the Pakistani SUV market.

Smart and Intuitive Technology:

The Haval H6 2022 embraces the latest technological advancements to enhance the driving experience. Featuring a user-friendly infotainment system, touchscreen display, and smartphone integration, this SUV keeps you connected and entertained on the go. The Haval H6 2022 also offers convenient features such as keyless entry, push-button start, and a panoramic sunroof, elevating your driving experience to new heights.

Luxurious Comfort and Spaciousness:

Step inside the Haval H6 2022, and you'll be greeted by a refined and luxurious interior. Crafted with premium materials and attention to detail, the cabin offers comfort and sophistication. With ample legroom, generous cargo space, and adjustable seating options, the Haval H6 2022 ensures a relaxing and enjoyable journey for all occupants, whether it's a short trip or a long adventure.


With its captivating design, impressive performance, advanced safety features, innovative technology, and luxurious comfort, the Haval H6 2022 is set to make a significant impact in the Pakistani SUV market. Whether you seek a reliable family vehicle or a stylish companion for your daily commutes, the Haval H6 2022 is a top contender. Stay ahead of the curve and experience the future of SUVs by choosing the Haval H6 2022, a true game-changer in Pakistan.

Haval H6 2022 FEATURES & SPECS
1497 cc
138 hp
Fuel Economy
Front wheel
17 inches
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Reviews & Comments

The Haval H6 2022 impresses with its sleek and modern design, exuding a confident and sporty aura on the road. Its well-crafted interior offers a comfortable and spacious cabin, accompanied by advanced tech features that enhance the driving experience.

  • Irfan, Islamabad
  • Tue 18 Jul, 2023

The Haval H6 2022 in Pakistan is a stylish and feature-packed SUV that offers a perfect blend of comfort, performance, and value for money. With its sleek design and advanced technology, it stands out as a formidable competitor in its segment.

  • Ashad, Karachi
  • Tue 27 Jun, 2023

Featuring a spacious cabin, refined ride quality, and a plethora of safety features, the Haval H6 2022 offers an exceptional driving experience, making it a worthy contender in its class.

  • Ayman, Lahore
  • Thu 22 Jun, 2023

The interior of Haval H6 is luxurious with its seats wrapped in premium fabric. and this is exactly what we want to have

  • Umm e Abiha, Islamabad
  • Fri 11 Nov, 2022