Honda City 2023 Price in Pakistan

The Honda City 2023 is a fantastic addition to the automotive industry because it offers a lot for a low price and is both dependable and economical. It has a comfortable and stylish interior. Learn the most recent information about Pakistan's Honda City 2023 features and cost. Find out the number of seats, horsepower, engine rating, and fuel efficiency of the Honda City.

PKR 4,799,000 - PKR 5,979,000
Category Brand Model Rating Review
Sedan Honda City rating stars 7 Reviews
Specs 1.5L ASPIRE CVT 1.2L MT 1.2L CVT 1.5L CVT 1.5L ASPIRE MT
Price in Pakistan PKR 5,979,000 PKR 4,799,000 PKR 4,929,000 PKR 5,549,000 PKR 5,759,000
Engine CC 1497 cc 1199 cc 1199 cc 1497 cc 1497 cc
Max Power 118 HP 88 HP 88 HP 118 HP 118 HP
Max Torque 145 Nm 110 Nm 110 Nm 145 Nm 145 Nm
Transmission Automatic (CVT) Manual Automatic (CVT) Automatic (CVT) Manual
Airbags Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes (2)
Headlamps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cruise Control Yes No No Yes Yes
Rear Camera Yes No No Yes Yes
Air Conditioner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Honda City 2023 Price in Pakistan

The Honda City has been a popular choice among car enthusiasts in Pakistan for many years, and the anticipation for the 2023 model has been building steadily. Honda has a strong presence in the Pakistani automotive market, and the City has been a reliable and stylish option for urban commuters and families alike. The Honda City 2023 price in Pakistan and explore what this latest iteration has to offer.

Price Range:

The price of the Honda City 2023 in Pakistan varies depending on the trim level and optional features chosen by the buyer. The base model of the Honda City was priced at approximately PKR 4,799,000, while the higher-end variants with additional features could go up to around PKR 5,979,000. However, please note that prices may have changed since then due to factors like inflation, currency exchange rates, and other economic conditions.

Trim Levels and Features:

The 2023 Honda City is expected to come in multiple trim levels, each offering different features to cater to various customer preferences. Some common features that can be expected in the 2023 City include:

Engine Options: The City typically comes with both petrol and diesel engine options, providing customers with choices to suit their driving needs.

Advanced Safety Features: Honda has been emphasizing safety in its vehicles, and the City is no exception. Expect features like anti-lock brakes, multiple airbags, stability control, and more.

Infotainment System: The 2023 City is likely to come with an advanced infotainment system, featuring touchscreen displays, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Comfort and Interior: Honda is known for its comfortable interiors, and the City is expected to offer ample space, high-quality materials, and ergonomic seating.

Exterior Design: Honda often updates the exterior design to keep the City looking modern and stylish. Expect sleek lines and a refined aesthetic.

Fuel Efficiency: The City has traditionally been praised for its fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for those looking to save on fuel costs.

Transmission Options: The 2023 City may offer both manual and automatic transmission options to cater to different driving preferences.

Availability and Dealerships:

Honda has a wide network of authorized dealerships and service centers across Pakistan. Prospective buyers can visit these dealerships to inquire about the latest prices, book a test drive, and get more information about financing options and after-sales services.

The Honda City 2023 is expected to continue the legacy of its predecessors by offering a blend of style, performance, and comfort. While the exact prices may have changed since my last knowledge update, the City is likely to remain a competitive option in its segment. To get the most up-to-date pricing information and explore the latest features, it is recommended to visit your nearest Honda dealership in Pakistan.

Honda City 2023 FEATURES & SPECS
1497 cc
118 HP @ 6600 RPM
Fuel Economy
12-16 KM/L
Automatic (CVT)
Front Wheel
18 Inches
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Reviews & Comments

The 2023 Honda City's competitive pricing in Pakistan, combined with Honda's reputation for reliability, makes it a strong contender in the compact sedan segment.

  • Shahveer, Bahawalpur
  • Sat 30 Sep, 2023

The Honda City 2023 provides excellent value for its price in Pakistan, offering a sleek design, comfortable cabin, and impressive fuel efficiency, making it a top choice for urban commuters.

  • Fahad, Islamabad
  • Wed 14 Jun, 2023

The Honda City 2023 in Pakistan offers remarkable value for its price range, combining style, performance, and affordability in a compact sedan. With its competitive pricing, the Honda City 2023 is an attractive choice for car enthusiasts seeking a reliable and feature-packed urban companion.

  • Daud, Karachi
  • Mon 05 Jun, 2023

The Honda City 2023 is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a sedan. It combines style, performance, and practicality, making it a versatile vehicle for both urban and adventurous driving. I highly recommend it.

  • Balach, Karachi
  • Wed 31 May, 2023