Toyota Aqua 2021 Price in Pakistan

One of the more well-known Toyota automobiles is the Aqua. Stay informed about the Toyota Aqua 2021 price in Pakistan. Here, you can examine all available data regarding the Toyota Aqua model 2021. You can view photos, reviews, and price information in addition to the Toyota Aqua 2021's features and specifications. Find out the number of seats, horsepower, engine rating, and fuel efficiency.

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Hatchback Toyota Aqua rating stars 0 Reviews
Toyota Aqua X Urban - 2021 FEATURES & SPECS
1496 cc
72 hp @ 4800 RPM
Fuel Economy
35 km
Automatic (CVT)
Front wheel
16 inches


Price 2,200,000 View Detail


Price 2,200,000 View Detail


Price 2,200,000 View Detail

G LED Soft Leather Selection

Price 2,200,000 View Detail
Toyota Aqua X Urban - 2021 Price in Pakistan

In 2012, Toyota debuted the Aqua, a front-engine, front-wheel-drive subcompact hybrid gasoline vehicle. It was the world’s smallest hybrid vehicle when introduced. In other parts of the world, the Aqua is also known as the Toyota Prius C. The Toyota Aqua is intended towards a younger demographic than the Toyota Prius, as it has a significantly smaller exterior than the Toyota Prius. In 2015, the Toyota Aqua underwent a makeover that included several minor visual changes. When compared to other vehicles in the same class, the Toyota Aqua price in Pakistan is quite reasonable.


The exterior of the Toyota Aqua has a distinctly sporty design language. The front end has geometric trapezium-styled fog lights, a huge hexagon grille, and slim thin upswept LED headlights. Long vertical side swept taillights with circular inserts, a big rear bumper, and a typical hatchback make up the rear end. The Toyota Aqua facelift received some visual enhancements. New sharper angular upswept headlights, a larger, more aggressively designed front bumper with a massive hexagon grille, and dual-standard circular fog lamps are all included on the front end. Metallic HVAC vents and a new climate control Centre can be seen on the inside, while redesigned taillights can be found on the outside. In every way, the Toyota Aqua has the same styling as the other Toyota models.

Features and Interior

The Toyota Aqua's interior is mostly made up of black plastic trim elements. Fabric covers both the front and back seats. Automatic climate control, a 4-speaker stereo sound system, a 3.5-inch multi-information display, 4-way power driver and 4-way power passenger seats, multifunction steering wheel, keyless entry, 9 airbags, and a 12V auxiliary port are all standard features on the One. The car comes standard with satellite navigation, a 6.1-inch multi-information display, a 6-speaker stereo audio system, and split-folding rear seats. Alloy wheels, wider tires, side-impact airbags, and power drive seats are included in the three variants. Satellite navigation with a 6.1-inch multi-information display, a 6-speaker stereo sound system, a power sunroof, a reversing camera, a touch tracer display, cruise control, a 6-way power driver seat, and leather upholstery are among the available options.

Toyota Aqua Fuel Average

The Toyota Aqua 2021 has a fuel economy of up to 37 kilometers per liter.

Toyota Aqua 2021 Price in Pakistan

Toyota Aqua 2021 price in Pakistan is around 2,200,000 rupees. Because it is an imported car, it is only available in used condition at various imported car dealers and online car selling websites.

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