Suzuki Wagon R 2024 Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Wagon R 2024 is a fantastic addition to the automotive industry because it offers a lot for a low price and is both dependable and economical. It has a comfortable and stylish interior. Learn the most recent information about Pakistan's Suzuki Wagon R 2024 features and cost. Find out the number of seats, horsepower, engine rating, and fuel efficiency of the Suzuki Wagon R.

PKR 3,139,000 - PKR 3,139,000
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Suzuki Wagon R 2024 Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Wagon R has consistently been a popular choice among Pakistani car enthusiasts due to its compact design, affordability, and versatility. The 2024 model of the Suzuki Wagon R is set to continue this trend with an array of new features and enhancements. This hatchback has garnered attention for its spacious interior and practicality, making it an attractive option for both urban and suburban drivers in Pakistan.

Pricing Details

The pricing of the Suzuki Wagon R 2024 in Pakistan reflects its value-driven approach to the market. With a competitive starting price, the Wagon R remains accessible to a wide range of customers, including students, families, and commuters. The base model offers a solid set of features, and higher trim levels provide additional amenities like touchscreen infotainment systems, rearview cameras, and advanced safety features. This pricing strategy positions the 2024 Wagon R as an affordable yet well-equipped option for those seeking a compact car in Pakistan.

Key Features and Value Proposition

The Suzuki Wagon R 2024 builds on its reputation for practicality by offering ample interior space, comfortable seating, and a user-friendly layout. Its tall design ensures plenty of headroom and a commanding view of the road, which is particularly beneficial for city driving. Fuel efficiency remains a strong suit of the Wagon R, making it an economical choice for daily commuting. With its compact dimensions and tight turning radius, navigating congested streets in Pakistan is a breeze. Overall, the 2024 Wagon R maintains its appeal as an affordable and pragmatic vehicle for Pakistani consumers who prioritize value and utility.

Suzuki Wagon R 2024 FEATURES & SPECS
998 cc
67 HP @ 6200 RPM
Fuel Economy
16 KM/L
Front wheel
16 inches
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Reviews & Comments

With its spacious interior, efficient fuel economy, and competitive pricing, the 2024 Suzuki Wagon R is a great option for urban commuting in Pakistan.

  • Ashad, Karachi
  • Tue 10 Oct, 2023

The 2024 Suzuki Wagon R in Pakistan is like a hidden gem in the automotive market, offering impressive space and versatility for its price point.

  • Shah, Lahore
  • Thu 05 Oct, 2023

The Suzuki Wagon R 2024's budget-friendly price in Pakistan is like a breath of fresh air for those seeking reliability and economy, making it an enduring favorite among Pakistani drivers looking for a no-frills yet dependable ride.

  • Haroon, Hyderabad
  • Thu 21 Sep, 2023

The 2024 Suzuki Wagon R delivers impressive space and maneuverability at a wallet-friendly price, making it the perfect companion for urban adventures in Pakistan.

  • Gulshan, Gujranwala
  • Sun 17 Sep, 2023