Toyota Yaris 2022 Price in Pakistan

The Toyota Yaris 2022 is a fantastic addition to the automotive industry because it offers a lot for a low price and is both dependable and economical. It has a comfortable and stylish interior. Learn the most recent information about Pakistan's Toyota Yaris 2022 features and cost. Find out the number of seats, horsepower, engine rating, and fuel efficiency of the Toyota Yaris.

PKR 3,539,000 - PKR 4,259,000
Category Brand Model Rating Review
Sedan Toyota YARIS rating stars 12 Reviews
Specs Gli MT 1.3 Ativ MT 1.3 Gli Cvt 1.3 Ativ Cvt 1.3 Ativ X MT 1.5 Ativ X Cvt 1.5
Price in Pakistan PKR 3,539,000 PKR 3,729,000 PKR 3,769,000 PKR 3,929,000 PKR 4,009,000 PKR 4,249,000
Displacement 1329cc 1329cc 1329cc 1329cc 1496cc 1496cc
Horse Power 97.8HP 97.8HP 97.8HP 97.8HP 105.9HP 105.9HP
Torque 123 123 123 123 140 140
Transmission 5 Speed Manual 5 Speed Manual 7 Speed CVT 7 Speed CVT 5 Speed Manual 7 Speed CVT
Air Bags Driver + Passenger Driver + Passenger Driver + Passenger Driver + Passenger Driver + Passenger Driver + Passenger
Airconditioners + Heater Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cruise Control No No No No No No
Sports Mode No No No No Yes Yes
Front Fog Lamps No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Alloy Rims No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Touch Screen + Back Camera No No No No Yes Yes
Toyota Yaris 2022 Price in Pakistan

Introducing the Toyota Yaris 2022, the epitome of excellence in Pakistan's compact car segment. Designed to exceed expectations, this sleek and versatile sedan offers a remarkable driving experience. With its exceptional fuel efficiency, advanced features, and renowned Toyota reliability, the Yaris is ready to elevate your daily commutes and add a touch of sophistication to your journeys.

Efficient Performance:

The Toyota Yaris 2022 boasts a fuel-efficient engine that strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency. Its advanced engineering ensures responsive acceleration and smooth handling, allowing you to navigate through city streets with ease. Whether you're zipping through traffic or embarking on a highway adventure, the Yaris provides an enjoyable and efficient ride, saving you both time and money at the fuel pump.

Stylish and Modern Design:

With its striking design elements and contemporary aesthetics, the Toyota Yaris 2022 exudes elegance and style. The sleek profile, bold front grille, and sharp LED headlights make a strong statement on the road, while the well-sculpted lines and aerodynamic shape enhance both its visual appeal and fuel efficiency. The Yaris stands out from the crowd, elevating your presence with its sophisticated design language.

Intelligent and Innovative Features:

Step inside the Toyota Yaris 2022 to discover a world of intelligent features designed to enhance your driving experience. Stay connected and entertained with the user-friendly touchscreen infotainment system, which seamlessly integrates with your smartphone for hands-free calls, music streaming, and navigation. The Yaris also offers advanced safety features, including multiple airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), and vehicle stability control, providing you and your passengers with peace of mind on every journey.

Comfortable and Spacious Interior:

The Toyota Yaris 2022 offers a refined and comfortable cabin that prioritizes driver and passenger comfort. With its well-cushioned seats, ample legroom, and ergonomic design, the Yaris ensures a relaxing and enjoyable ride, even on long trips. The thoughtfully designed interior incorporates high-quality materials and intuitive controls, creating an inviting space where functionality meets elegance.

Toyota Reliability and Value:

Toyota has built a reputation for manufacturing reliable vehicles, and the Yaris is a testament to this legacy. Known for their durability and low maintenance costs, Toyota vehicles are designed to go the extra mile. Additionally, Toyota vehicles retain their value well in the market, making the Yaris a sound investment. Whether you plan to keep it for years or decide to sell it in the future, the Yaris offers long-term value and peace of mind.


Experience the perfect blend of elegance, efficiency, and reliability with the Toyota Yaris 2022 in Pakistan. From its efficient performance to its stylish design, advanced features, and comfortable interior, the Yaris sets a new standard in the compact car segment. Embrace the joy of owning a vehicle that combines practicality with sophistication, ensuring an exceptional driving experience. Visit your nearest Toyota dealership today and explore the world of the Toyota Yaris 2022, where excellence meets affordability on the roads of Pakistan.

Toyota Yaris 2022 FEATURES & SPECS
1496 cc
106 hp @ 6000 RPM
Fuel Economy
14 Km
Automatic (CVT)
Front wheel
16 inches
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Reviews & Comments

The Toyota Yaris 2022 impresses with its spacious interior, user-friendly technology, and excellent fuel economy, making it a practical option for daily commuting in Pakistan.

  • Arafat, Sargodha
  • Tue 27 Jun, 2023

The Toyota Yaris 2022 offers a reliable and fuel-efficient option for city driving, with its compact size, comfortable interior, and a host of modern features that make it a practical choice for daily commutes.

  • Faiz, Karachi
  • Fri 23 Jun, 2023

Toyota Yaris, It has advance specs and features and very trendy car and a very great car in this price range. it comes with very advanced technology

  • Taimoor, Islamabad
  • Wed 07 Sep, 2022

Toyota Yaris 2022, The car is easy to handle, and it maintains its balance even at high speeds. gives us a best mileage and comforts

  • Ashad, Lahore
  • Mon 05 Sep, 2022