This page has all information about imported cars in Pakistan including the brand, car types, model, price, specifications, etc.

Imported cars in Pakistan

The automobile industry of Pakistan is growing day by day. Several local automobile and international automobile manufacturers are growing their presence in the market. However, car imports are also increased in the last few years. Here are all the key details that you want to know about the imported cars in Pakistan.

Imported Car Brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, people buy imported cars from several brands such as Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, KIA, Porsche, Hyundai, Daihatsu, Volkswagen, etc. All brands introduce different variants of time to time to provide their customers vehicles with advanced or updated technology. However, the customs duty and other taxes affect the price of imported cars in Pakistan.

Imported Car Types in Pakistan

Imported cars are available in different types or categories. However, hatchback cars, luxury cars, and sedan cars are among key types.

Imported Hatchback Cars

The hatchback car comes with the hatch-type rear door that can be open upwards to place cargo or luggage. Hatchback body style is usually referred for small cars. However, different luxury cars, SUVs, and sports cars also possess hatchback doors.

Porsche Cayenne 2017, Honda Fit Hybrid 2018, Honda Life 2018, Honda N One 2018, Honda Freed 2018, Changan Mira 2017, Honda None 2017 are among some popular imported hatchback cars in Pakistan.

Imported Luxury Cars

In Pakistan, luxury cars buyers are also present in significant numbers. However, Porsche and Mercedes are among key luxury car sellers in Pakistan. Porsche Cayenne 2019, Porsche Panamera 2019, Porsche Macan 2019, Mercedes Benz E Class 2019, Porsche Macan 2017, and Porsche Panamera 2017 are much popular among the imported luxury car buyers.

Sedan Cars

Sedan is a car that has a seating capacity for 4 to 5 people along with 2 to 4 doors and the separate area for the luggage. Honda Vezel 2019, Toyota Corolla Axio 2019, Toyota Prius 2019, Toyota Premio 2019, Honda Vezel 2016, Honda Vezel 2015, Toyota Corolla Axio 2015, Honda Vezel 2014, Toyota Corolla Axio 2014, Toyota Premio 2014, Honda Vezel 2013, Toyota Corolla Axio 2013 are among some popular imported sedan cars in Pakistan.